Beauty to Rescue

There is a storyline that’s really been troubling me.  You know the story.  It starts with a mans man.  He has a beautiful wife.  Wife is killed.  Man avenges wife death with a heroic, awe-inspiring, knock out drag out fight where he finally destroys his enemy and avenges her death.  The problem…She’s still dead.  She’s not there to see it.  Sure he’s honoring her memory.  My question is, “Why does it take her death or loss of her, for the bear to wake up and the warrior to come alive and fight for her?”

It’s a story that’s all too common, not physically, but emotionally.  How many marriages perish because the bear is hibernating, or his battles are being fought elsewhere, taking her for granted?  It’s a mistake that I’m fearful of committing myself.  Gladiator, Spartacus, Braveheart, Southpaw, and many, many more.  These are some of my favorite movies, my favorite heroes, but what the hell?  This has been pretty heavy on my heart lately.  Maybe it’s Gods way of telling me to get my shit together.

There’s no resolution to this article, just the insight that I need to fight for her right now.  She need’s to be caught up in adventure.  That’s my job.  I get caught up in work, and being a Dad, and sorry to admit that sometimes she just gets what’s left of me.  I tell myself that I will do it someday, when I’m caught up at work, or when there’s a cushion in the bank account, or the boys are older, and on and on.

Time to Fight.

Kissing couple sits before a fireplace on the beach


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