Do I have What it Takes?

Do I have what it takes?  I mean when it really counts.  Like in The Patriot, when his Family is in trouble, how would I have handled it?  Would I have the resolve to know when to pick my fight, or let rage control me and die needlessly?  When I chose my battlefield would I have the courage and control of my fear to accomplish the task?  If I was thrown into the colosseum would I have benn able to handle it?  Not just the physical ability, but the mental fortitude to think it through and make the right call in a split second?  If I was on the front lines of one of the great battles, would I have just stood there and hoped I made it through the next volley?  Were I a German soldier in a concentration camp would I have the honor and integrity to do what I know was right when forced to decide between obeying commands or God’s will?  If I was a prisoner in that camp, how would I handle myself when forced with horrors that Victor Frankl experienced?

True grit, fortitude, courage, strength, honor, and integrity are how I hope I would conduct myself.  Could I conquer my fear in the midst of adversity?  I had a friend, who is a veteran, once tell me that you don’t really know a man until he is being shot at.  When I took my first boxing class, and got hit in the face hard for the first time, I saw red.  I was instantly mad and lost my composer.  Over time I learned to control it, and feed on it.

Underground when shit hit the fan it was always interesting to me to see how men reacted.  Some panic and lose all rationale, others freeze, and some jump strait into action without considering the consequences.  There are few who remain composed, collected, and handle the situation.  In that job and atmosphere I felt validated in being the latter.  It the midst of an accident or fire, I called the shots, I handled the situations.  Two and half years later, after working in an air conditioned office, would I still exemplify that trait in any other situation?

This is one of the core questions of a mans heart.  Where do we get that answer?  How do we prepare for the unknown challenges that await us?  There are so many different ideas out there on how to prepare and live your life.  I have summed it up in one goal:

To be Spiritually Fit, Physically Fit, and Financially Fit.

I don’t have the answer, and truthfully everyone’s story will be different and unique, and there can’t be just one way to prepare.  I put together a 21 day challenge for myself compiling the best of all the resources that I have come across.  I have shared it with a couple friends who found it valuable.  I have decided to make it available to all.   This 21 day challenge comes in the form of an ebook, and is intended to help every man lay the foundation to becoming Spiritually Fit, Physically Fit, and Financially Fit. Download it here for the cost of $10.  Wake the Bear inside.




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