Sermon: Be Watchful

Source: Sermon: Be Watchful

This one hit me hard this morning.  Watch Here If you don’t have an hour to watch the whole thing, please take 10 minutes, start at 49:30.  This morning I feel a call to come alive, to regain my footing, to re-establish my front line in battle.

“So where are all the men who actually do what they promised to do?  Where are the men who don’t leave when times get hard?  Where are the men who when they get angry their family feels more safe because they know that anger is directed at protecting them, not hurting them?  Where are the men who want to love their women, not just get into bed with them.  Where are the kings, the lovers, the warriors who will provide and protect?”

I heard this as, “Where is the fire inside of me?  Why can’t I keep my promises?  Why  do I become passive and avoid the problems when times get hard?  Does my family feel safe when I get angry?  Does my wife feel loved?  Where is the warrior inside of me?  I’ve been so focused on providing, can I protect?  What kind of King am I?


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